Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Things have been pretty hectic round here lately, hence the lack of posts. Our place has been an absolute building site (while Mat's building us some beautiful bookshelves) and nothing is in its place. And while I have been cooking (every now and then) I haven't really had the time to share anything on my little blog. So to start the week here's a simple method to spice up your shop bought pickles.

All you need for this is a jar of good quality pickles (we love to use good old pickled onions), 3-4 birds eye chillis (if you don't want it too hot use a milder chilli) and patience.

Prick your chillis with the tip of a knife, open the jar of pickles and push the chillis in between the pickles. Close firmly and shake to move the chillis around in the jar. Refrigirate for a couple of weeks and then enjoy. The longer you wait the spicier your pickles will be. We're hoping that ours will be ready for Chrimbo :).



  1. Right on. It's like the perfect laid back weekend snack.

    1. So true. Can't wait to get the cheeseboard out at Christmas and enjoy them alongside :) x

  2. Oh man this reminds me of my Mom and grandma for some reason. I guess cause they always have so many jars of things sitting in the cold room.