Has anyone noticed that spring has sprung? Well we sure haven't felt any of that. The weekend before last we were blessed with torrential rains, last weekend we had snow storms and today it just feels like the coldest day ever.

But on the bright side, wherever you look spring is fighting to emerge, there are little daffodils everywhere, little buds showing on every other tree and every now and then the sun says hello.

Here are few piccies of life lately including flowers, baking, DIY and a birthday boy.

>> This plant has continuously been growing and sprouting. It's loving its spot on our window sill and has surprised me with the first flower of the year. <<

>> A weekend breakfast of fried egg, maple cured bacon and caramelised mushrooms and of course the must have pot of coffee. <<

>> Our home has been one big DIY paradise (or hell) for the past few months. So while we were at it we thought, why not make a desk out of old, leftover doors. <<

 >> Celebrating a special boy's birthday with steaming cups of tea and a big, boozy citrus and polenta cake. <<

>> Cake: post attack <<

>> ...and then the snow decided to come back with a vengeance. <<

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