A few weekends ago we took advantage of the holidays and went on a long overdue trip to Kirchheim. Yep, I finally decided to take Mat to the little town, in the rural South of Germany, where I grew up. We are talking major culture shock.

In Kirchheim (aka Church Home) the old houses are wonky and come straight out of a Brothers Grimm picture book, the new ones are built to perfection and could feature on Grand Designs, absolute efficiency is a constant life goal, everyone knows everyone and the old ice cream parlor is now a bar. There was a lot of pointing and reminiscing and my friend Anette and I remembered all the silly things we used to get up to as teenagers.

Life over there is so different to what I am used to now. Hiking for miles and miles and then marveling at the view from the mountains is a weekly occurrence.  Drinking beer and eating sausages and pretzels for breakfast is ok but crossing the road where you're not meant to absolutely isn't. People speak their mind no matter what and don't care if they end up insulting you.
In general life just seems a little more old-fashioned and traditional. You go to the weekly farmers market for your meat, veg and cheese and local butchers and bakeries are no expensive rarity. While I wouldn't give up living in London for anything in the world, I do miss the Schwabenländle, the mountains, pretty houses and its beautiful, overly correct oddities. After all, in a very nostalgic way, it is still home.

Early morning airport breakfast.

Snowy mountain/forest walks.

Views and dangerous drops.

Saturday morning market visit.

Weisswurstfrühstück (yep that's one word) - Sausages, pretzels and beer for brekkie.

Homemade Carpaccio (divine!!)

Geeky visit to the Urweltmuseum Hauff (one of the world's largest fossil collections)

Home time. Thanks BA for the yummy G&T.

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