Life's been pretty meaty recently and sadly I have been a bit slack when it comes to the veggie challenge.

Last Monday we went onto our second Grub Club session and visited Burger & Lobster in Farringdon for some scrumptious surf 'n' turf (read the review here). Over the weekend I had sausage and mash and sausage sarnies (yep one day after the other) and then chicken for Sunday Roast. Not to mention our visit to Germany over the Easter weekend - roast and sausages and salami and carpaccio and more roast and steak and more salami and ham... Well you get the picture...

Soooo I stumbled upon this lovely little dish of pretty Ricotta and Mushroom Roulades which were super yummy, pretty healthy and luckily - completely veggie.

Hope you enjoy!

COOKS 45mins


  • 1 savoy cabbage, separated and tough stalks removed
  • 300g chestnut mushrooms, finely diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 shallots, finely sliced
  • small glass of white wine
  • 1tsp caraway seeds
  • 200g ricotta
  • a handful pine nuts or roughly chopped almonds
  • 500ml tomato and basil sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • boiled potatoes or crusty bread to serve

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180˚C. 
  2. Bring a large saucepan of salty water to the boil. Add the cabbage leaves and blanche for 3 minutes or until tender. Remove from the water and pat dry. Set aside eight of the leaves and finely shred the rest.
  3. Heat some olive oil in a large pan. Add the shallots and fry until they start to soften. Stir in the caraway seeds, mushrooms and garlic. Cook over a high heat for a few minutes. Pour in the wine and leave to bubble down. Turn down the heat to medium and cook until all the water has evaporated from the mushrooms and they have started to brown. 
  4. Stir in the shredded cabbage, ricotta and nuts and combine thoroughly.
  5. Pour the tomato sauce into an ovenproof dish. Divide the mushroom mix between the eight savoy cabbage leaves and roll into roulades. Fold the sides first and then roll into little parcels.
  6. Place on top of the tomato sauce and drizzle with a little olive oil. 
  7. Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes or until the sauce has warmed through.
  8. Serve alongside potatoes or bread and a dry glass of white wine.

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