Do you ever get a wave of wanderlust, when you really, really want to visit new places around the world?

While I am a real homey I very often find myself thinking about how I would like to go to New York or Sydney or San Francisco or Tokyo... the list is endless. And then I realise, guiltily, that I have hardly seen any of the areas that surround me.

Living in a small town in Kent, in the suburbs of London was once not an option for me (yep I wanted to be bang in the centre of the bustling city... at all times) and nowadays I am grateful for the after work calm I return to every evening. But I also take living in such a nice area of England for granted, often forgetting how lovely the countryside around us is.

So with the intention to enjoy the great outdoors a little more, to exercise our 9-5-office-bound-bodies and to explore a little, we grabbed our Guide to the South East of England and ventured to Box Hill in the Surrey Hills.

If you've never been, you should definitely give it a try. Maybe don't walk the whole 8.5k (or more like 12k because we got lost ;)) but follow the Box Hill hike signs. The views are amazing, you end up finding little treasures every now and then and the mix of open fields, hidden mansions, a derelict folly and forests gives you plenty to ooh and aah over.

In the end we got pretty lost and our legs ached so much (yes this walk is mainly uphill) and we were about to starve, so we never actually made it to Box Hill, or more like missed the turning (sad face). But we saw it from below and it was pretty!

Unfortunately the day ended in the world's most awful, overpriced pub lunch ever. Absolute disgrace! (Try and avoid the Stepping Stones if you can)

We might try Richmond next. Do you know any good walking routes in and around London you can recommend?

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