I've been just a little on edge lately, to say the least. This was mainly due to the weather (which has been atrocious in the UK) and the fact that I felt I didn't have the time or energy or motivation to do anything. Our flat has been a pigsty and our to-do list seemed endless.

And finally our long deserved summer holiday came along. We pulled ourselves together and spent two days turbo tidying the flat, ticked almost all the to-dos, stocked up on sun-screen and packed our bags to fly to the sunny island of Gran Canaria. 

This, without doubt, has been the most relaxing holiday I have ever been on. So relaxing, in fact, I felt tired from not doing anything. I read three books, swam, sun-bathed and ate copious amounts of delicious food, not to mention the Gin and Tonics.

The food was simple but amazingly delicious and I particularly fell in love with Papas Arrugadas con Mojo - small potatoes dry boiled with plenty of salt and served with the traditional spiced red pepper sauce. Mat made the yummiest Piementos de Padron, which are small green peppers, pan fried in olive oil and lots of rock salt and are sweet and bitter and salty all at the same time. Delicious and a little bit like playing Russian roulette - you never know when the spicy one is going to hit you. Dipped in home made alioli they are just heaven.
Oh and not to forget the Queso Fresco - be warned once you start eating a round of this silky smooth goats cheese you will eat the whole thing in one go (yep we did!) - that's how good it was.

The island of Gran Canaria is not beautiful at first sight - pretty barren in most areas it seems to be all rocks, sand, grey dust and tired palm trees. Then you spot the odd bright green plant topped with a bright pink flower and think to yourself "oh how pretty". That is until you see the beautiful blue sea and big areas of green and even more of the stunning flowers and succulents, all set against a dazzling blue sky - now that is when you are truly blown away. I think it's those pretty areas which take you by surprise that make it a particularly special place.

The verdict: We'll definitely be going back!

What's your summer holiday destination this year?

PS: Excuse the photo overload ;)


  1. Beautiful photos! So glad to hear you had a great time. Looks relaxing indeed!

    The weather's terrible in France too, I can't stand the rain anymore. :)

    1. Thank you Charlotte! The sun was definitely what we needed. Let's hope the weather in England gets better for when you move here. :)