I look forward to August every year. Every year it is busy, verging on the stressful, filled with a ridiculous amount of birthdays, but when it's over I look back on it and think - yes you've been good August, we've made some memories worth remembering. So here are a few little snaps from my August. I hope yours was a sunny and happy one. Welcome September, I wonder what you've got in store for us. A big move for sure and some exciting creative projects.

Etta xo

ONE - Bank holiday Monday in Brockwell Park, just chilling with the girls, sipping on Gin and Tonics, munching on Nachos and tanning those pasty legs.
TWO + THREE - My sunny commute over the Thames and past Bayswater.
FOUR - Drinking the craziest Cocktails at the Blind Pig at Social Eating House in Soho (Cereal Killer this concoction was called and included Coco Pops milk - yup you heard right). Read Alice's review here. 
FIVE - Recovery strategy to cure the pains caused by our night out at the Blind Pig. Big BYRON order all around.
SIX - Yup I did it, chopped my hair off again and couldn't be happier. Alexia has once again done a brilliant job. 
SEVEN - Flowers from my best friend Susie, just before she went off to enjoy the rest of her summer in Berlin. I miss her terribly!
EIGHT - We've really been into Bloody Maries recently. Secret ingredients: chilli vodka and lots of lemon juice. Recipe to follow soon.
NINE - Spontaneous breakfast dates with the boys. Travelling all the way to Earlsfield for some serious Eggs Florentine and Hash Brown goodness at Mel's Vintage Beats & Breakfast.  
TEN - Late night walks home.
ELEVEN - Some exciting branding projects going on here. There is still so much more to do but this project has been a true labour of love. Check out my friends at 37thState's blog here.


  1. Love love love this....!! Also love that I was part of some of them, you big cutie xx

  2. Lovely! :) And I love your haircut!