October has been a true wow month - absolutely full of celebrations and emotional roller-coasters. My lovely work colleagues spoiled me with the most beautiful birthday presents and the rudest scrummy cake. Mat took me to Copenhagen and I fell in love with the City, its people and culture so much more than I thought I would do. Susie threw me the perfect surprise do - champagne, burgers and all my lovely friends included. And all in all we cocktailed, cream-tead, danced, dined and got blown away by a very stormy Monday. 

Hope you all had a lovely October and here's to this very cold and dark November and a countdown to Chrimbo.

Etta xo

ONE - Beautiful Copenhagen - the Black Diamond library
TWO + THREE - Nicole + Cat's October Birthday Shenanigans (blurry I know... I still love those pics)
FOUR - Lovely birthday prezzies from the best work colleagues ever. [cake has been censored}
FIVE - Celebrating the big 3-0 with the boy...
SIX - ... and enjoying the absolutely best cocktails and mind-blowingly delicious birthday dinner at GEIST in Copenhagen. This place is a must-go! When I say it was the best meal I've ever had - I mean it!
SEVEN - Finding new breakfast eats in our little town. Yummy bacon, goats cheese, beetroot and spinach club sandwich at Raggio's.
EIGHT - Being organised old-style and getting some inspiration to help me with some resolutions.
NINE - THE worst afternoon tea ever! Trecked to the outskirts of Croydon (yes Croydon has outskirts ;)) and were soooo disappointed - followed by plenty of G+Ts, just to make us feel better about the dreadful tea.
TEN - Storm
ELEVEN - A cold and blowy visit to Knole House. Make sure you go on a sunny day, as their lighting is awful and the bit I therefore enjoyed the most was the old office ;)

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  1. Sounds like the most perfect october! Glad you had such an amazing time. :)