Happy Friday everyone! This week has whizzed by like nothing else and tomorrow is the weekend and today I am planning what I might devour for breakfast. Yes, I haven't managed to make concrete New Year's resolutions yet and while getting fit, eating healthy and loosing a little bit of weight are somewhere in there I still need to figure out how. In the meantime I am allowed to dream and possibly to prepare some yummy breakfasts and here's a bit of deliciously beautiful inspiration from my Pinterest.

What are you planning to breakfast on? Happy weekend everyone.

Etta xo

PS I have now moved to researching waffle makers... yes look at those waffles... yum! Any suggestions on good, affordable waffle makers?

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  1. Oh, they all look yummy! Makes me hungry although I just ate my breakfast!
    I've had a waffle maker for a couple of years, but it was rubbish and a nightmare to clean, so I unfortunately don't have any advice for you... Hope you'll find what you're looking for! :)