I wouldn't really call myself a "trainer" girl. I own a couple of high tops which I like but most of the time I live in my brogues, ankle boots and boat shoes. More recently I've had my eye on Adidas's beautifully simple Adistar Racers and also absolutely adore New Balance's monochrome 410s. They are so classy...well as classy as any trainer will ever get in the history of trainers ... and then I came across these limited edition Nike Air Max 1s, just look at that super cool speckled sole. Oh and then there are the Reebok Freestyle His - Old School is all I say. Before I knew it I'd spent the best part of an afternoon drooling over all of these. Well and maybe I am just a little bit of a trainer girl because I adore each one of them and if I could I would have them all and I would wear one pair for every day of the week apart from Sundays, which I'd reserve for my brogues.

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  1. I've never really been a trainer girl either, but things evolved when I started running. :)
    Loving your selection! Black and white always does the trick, doesn't it?

    1. Yes absolutely! Over the past few days I've been sooooo close to buying a couple of these pairs but then the question always arises... "Do I really need them?" - Maybe if I started running I could justify it ;)