Most people don't know this, but a long time ago I studied towards a degree in Fashion Photography. While my career has taken me into a very different direction, some of the photographers I came across while a student are still some of my favourites. The first photographer I fell in love with was Sarah Moon and I developed a soft spot for large format Polaroids. Then came along Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino. Not to forget Mario Sorrenti and his amazing recreations of impressionist paintings. My final major project was heavily inspired by all of the above, in equal measures.

But the one photographer I keep going back to and who never ceases to amaze me is Paolo Roversi. I am in absolute awe of the eerie, dreamlike fairytales he creates with every photograph he shoots. I used to save my pennies and venture to the newsagent to buy my monthly fix of Italian Vogue. Followed by hours of leafing through and analysing Roversi's photo stories.

More recently, while I was reading the Night Circus (one of my favourite books) I realised how much Roversi's aesthetic genius stayed embedded in my mind. All the magical, dark and mysterious scenes of this marvel of a book played in a Paolo Roversi inspired film in my head.

So if you ask me who my favourite photographer of all times is I will say with full confidence and no hesitation - Paolo Roversi.


Image Credits
01_Natalia Vodianova from back, Paris, 2003  
02_Vogue Italia, September 2011
03-05_Family Circus, W Magazine, December 2010
06_A Dream of a Dress, Vogue Italia Supplement, September 2009
07_Vogue Italia, September 2011
08_Kirsten Owen for Romeo Gigli, 1989


  1. Gorgeous! I'd never heard of him.
    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    1. I don't think he's that famous apart from in the industry. I still get so excited every time I see a publication with his photos in it. x