This has been a bit of a lengthy hiatus :( No I didn't forget! I have tons of posts planned and written and then so many things happened that just threw me. You know when you have visitors every weekend of the month and errands to run and people to visit and maybe just aren't feeling the blogging for a bit. As simple as that! This is the first time I have broken my routine and New Year's resolution of blogging regularly (at least twice a week). It's ok though, because sometimes you just need to mix it up a little and take a break, right?

So today I thought I'd tell you about how we went to London Bridge the other week for a Pub Quiz and Bingo and I won. I'll tell you about the time we went to the Old King's Head and played Quingo!

I suck at Pub Quizzes (you don't want me on your team)! I spent my childhood in rural Germany, we watched hardly any telly and mainly spent our days riding our bikes and evenings playing board games. So if you ask me what the most popular children's series in 1994 in the UK was I would not have a clue. (It was probably Tigerentenclub in Germany :P) If you ask me who the landlord of the Queen Vic in Eastenders was in 1987, I will look at you with a blank stare. What I am saying is that we didn't win at the Pub Quiz, and I am sure it was my fault.

I did win at Bingo though. Two rows baby, £15 cash in hand and being embarrassed by a burly northern quiz-master.

It'd be nice to make this a tradition. To find a local pub where we can go if not weekly then maybe every other week and maybe one day I will absolutely smash it at the old pub quiz. Probably when they ask the question: What was the most popular children's programme in Germany in 1994 ;)

PS ... oh and do you see that sandwich?! Chorizo aaaand Pulled Pork aaand yum yum skin on fries. Happy belly!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Congrats on the bingo-winning! And I want that sandwich. :)