I've been scouring my Pinterest on this sunny Friday afternoon for a bit of food inspiration, because if I have another roast chicken salad I might turn into a roast chicken ;)
As I only have another five days of the Paleo Challenge left to get through I thought I'd share some of my favourite Pinterest Paleo finds with you.

One of them is Chia Seed Puddings - creamy, healthy yumminess in a bowl. This ancient super-seed will give you protein, fibre and Omega 3, which stands for one substantial breakfast (or desert ;)) without feeling heavy or bloated afterwards.
The beef burgers with sauteed spinach and caramelised onions in a portobello mushroom "bun" has been tried and tested and is amazingly delicious.

Pinterest has been my saviour throughout this challenge. There are tons of inspirational and super tasty recipes up there. 

Happy weekend everyone.
Etta xo

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  1. Pinterest is such an awesome source when it comes to recipes! I use it all the time now.
    I love your selection, almost makes me want to go paleo. :) Good luck on your last days!