Ok... so this wasn't a date nor was it at night but you know categories and all that. Most importantly it was Dan's birthday... and Dan wanted to go and breakfast in Central London... at 9am... on a Saturday. Horror, I know!

Now the thing is when Dan goes and carefully chooses a food destination you will a) know that he has done his research and b) you are pretty certainly in for a treat. Oh and of course if it's your friend's birthday you grant them any wish (within reason).

Dan chose the Riding House Café on Great Titchfield Street and boy did we have a breakfast.
First of all I have to gush about the interior, which is so effortlessly thrown together. It's a bit like bootfair meets your nan's house and hangs out in an artist's industrial studio for a Great Gatsby inspired brunch. You lost me there? Seriously go and check it out... it's beautiful.

Now where do I start when it comes to food and drink? There were six of us and there were eight dishes. You know, you just have to try it all.

It took us about 30 minutes to decide what we wanted and we kept salivating over the menu whilst sipping on perfect flat whites and taste-bud tickling, freshly squeezed juices.

I eventually went for the Eggs Hussar, which really were hussaaar - poached eggs, ox heart tomatoes, ham, spinach, sauce hollandaise and bordelaise all on a beautifully toasted slice of sourdough. Paired with the Smokey Chorizo Hash, poached eggs, mushrooms and spinach I shared with Mat, we had ourselves breakfast perfection on a plate.

There was Müsli with Greek Yoghurt and plenty of fresh fruit, a Full English, your usual suspects such as Eggs Benedict and Royal and then there were the "desserts". Ooooh the sweet options were to die for. We had the softest, melt in mouth Challah French Toast with clotted cream and the fluffiest Buttermilk Pancakes with blueberries and a nutty sweet maple syrup. You hungry yet?

Our waiter Michaelo was attentive but not intrusive he was always happy to help and any special wishes were no problem at all. This is what I call first class service.

There is nothing I could fault at the Riding House Café and while it is a little more expensive than your usual breakfast destination it is definitely worth it.
Rating 9.5/10

Breakfast for six (eight dishes), coffees and juices came to approximately £100
(I am not 100% sure on this one as we got treated by Dan's mum - Thanks Bina :-*)

The Riding House Café
43-51 Great Titchfield St

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