About Etta

Etta’s Corner is a small journal of family friendly recipes and lifestyle snippets from the multi-cultural home of a creative family.

Inspired by my upbringing in a small rural town in Southern Germany, my Croatian mum and Chinese dad and the Asian restaurant they ran together, my palette has included a diverse mix of flavours from Eastern Europe, Asia and the West from before I could even walk. I have lived in the UK for the past 18 years and fuelled by the multiculturalism of this country and my own roots, have created a mix of family traditions taken from all corners of the world.

With the birth of my own small family, my personal passion for all things food, nutrition and lifestyle was re-born. My aim is to carry forward a healthy varied and informed attitude towards food, to eliminate the perception that good and healthy meals have to be difficult and to re-introduce our natural instincts towards nutrition. I embrace seasonal and local food, family meals and an eclectic mix of flavours and recipes and am a great supporter of all the cheats.

When I'm not cooking I am Art Directing and helping small lifestyle brands and individuals find their creative voice and image.


  1. Hey Etta, what camera do you use to take your photos? X

    1. Hi there,

      I either use my iPhone or a Canon 20D. :) x